Water permeability of lipid membranes of GUVs and its dependence on actin cytoskeletons inside the GUVs

Response of cells to osmotic pressure and control of water permeability of biomembranes are very important for cells to survive. There have been many ... Lipidomics - Biomembranes - Sugar - Glass - Pressure control - Biological materials - Microscopy - Equations - Permeability measurement - Volume measurement - biomembranes - cellular biophysics - lipid bilayers - water permeability - lipid membranes - GUV - osmotic pressure - biomembranes - micropipet aspiration - actin cytoskeletons - liquid-ordered phase - actin filaments - water efflux - chemical potential - nonequilibrium condition

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Electric fields deliver a unique tool for cell characterization or manipulation. Important biotechnological applications are e.g. electrofusion of cells or electroinjection of macromolecules into living cells. Despite the widespread use little is kno

Planar lipid membranes composed of egg phosphatidylcholine and 1, 2-dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine were suspended over arrays of 100, 75, and 30 μm diameter holes in a 3.7-mm-thick polyimide or 2-μm-thick Parylene film that was supported on a s

Amorphous ribbons of composition Fe/sub 74.5-x/Cu/sub x/Nb/sub 3/Si/sub 13.5/B/sub 9/ (x=0, 1 at.%) have been annealed between about 500 degrees C and 900 degrees C. This produced a series of crystallized samples with grain sizes between about 10 nm

Ion channel molecules in octopus photoreceptor cell membranes were reconstituted in bilayer lipid membranes (BLMs) prepared by the modified monolayer-dipping method. Many kinds of single-channel currents (8-500 pS) were recorded in a BLM that contain

Our aim is to design alpha-helical peptide complexes to enhance their stability and biological feasibility for the study of membrane proteins and their interactions. In on-going work, we employ (K3A4L2A7L2A3K3) as anchoring molecules, where conjugati

Electroporation of artificial lipid membranes was studied by applying a 10 /spl mu/s, 300-600 mV rectangular voltage clamp pulse followed by a ramp of negative slope which decayed to zero in the subsequent 500 /spl mu/s. After the electroporating pul

In order to investigate water-flooded mechanism and logging data response characteristics, a series of water displacing oil tests of high permeability reservoirs are performed. Rock pyrolysis, gas chromatograph of saturated hydrocarbon and fluorescen

Formation of membranes in microfluidic channels have been paid attention for their great potentials in separation of components, cell culture supports for tissue engineering and chemical process involving molecular transports. In this study, we intro

In the paper, the quality of the mixed waste water with fresh water in low permeability reservoirs is analyzed. It is found out that the sediment components of the mixed waste water with fresh water are mainly CaSO4. Except for the pH value, the oil,

There are increasing many reports linking oxidation of the membrane to various diseases such as atherosclerosis. Using cell-sized (giant) unilamellar lipid vesicles, we studied the effect of exposing the lipid vesicles to an oxidative stress environm

We consider a diffuse interface approximation for the lipid phases of rotationally symmetric two-phase bilayer membranes and rigorously derive its Γ-limit. In particular, we prove that limit vesicles are C1 across interfaces, which justifies a regula

Analysis of low grazing angle sea-spikes from breaking waves suggests the presence of a non-Bragg scaling law. The FMCW radar has a frequency chirp of 4-8 GHz. The water wavelength is 1-4 m. The frequency response of the radar cross section peaks in

Lipid microdomain formation in artificial cell membranes was investigated in relation to biologically important lipid rafts present in the cytoplasmic membranes. In order to imaging lipid microdomains, we developed a novel molecular sensor composed o

The dielectric response of water acting as a load in a resonating microwave cavity was monitored to test for conditions for dielectric breakdown. Macroscopic changes of frequency and width of the resonance were used to monitor the dielectric response

In this paper, the oil-produced water (PW) mixed with fresh water (FW) was treated before it was injected into reservoirs. The effects of the factors such as pH value, variety and quantity of oxidants and inorganic flocculants, quantity and molecular

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membranes modified by nano-sized TiO2/Al2O3 were applied to the separation of APAM-oil/water emulsion. Due to the enhanced surface hydrophilicity, the modified PVDF membranes (MM) exhibited higher rejection ratio and be

An analysis of variation of drain current (dID/dt) of silicon carbide (SiC) metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) in turn-on and turn-off under different temperatures has been performed in this paper. It is shown that the magni

Experiments with pulsed radio frequency fields have shown influence on the low-frequency behavior of lipid bilayer membranes. Here, the authors present an electromagnetic and thermal analysis of the used exposure device to clarify whether the observe

The amplitude of ultrasonic will occur some attenuation when it traveled in liquids. And the ultrasonic attenuation with different frequency in the liquid is not same. In this paper, two experiments are designed to research how the amplitude of the u

In arid and semi-arid regions, water is a major limited factor to vegetation and environment. To study the influence of membranes on water retention, three homogeneous sand columns with membranes were installed. Keep the height of free water at 5cm a

In a dispersive medium, the appearance of the steady-state part of the signal is preceded by oscillations known as precursors. This is due to the interrelated effects of phase dispersion and frequency dependent attenuation. The propagation properties

A novel and simple method for the extraction of the effective channel width and its dependence on the gate voltage is presented. Both synthetic and measured data have been used to evaluate the new method which is superior to previous methods in not a

During the process of coal production, mine water pollution is serious. It will become a threat to ecological environment in coal mining area if this kind of water is drained away to the nature directly. Take Jialong coal mine as an example, we analy

Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) is a widely technique in determining body composition. In this method, two electrodes are placed at suitable points on the body and alternating current at different frequencies are passed through those points. The