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Let us begin by stating that it is difficult to provide an adequate response that will enlighten the audience if the correspondent neither provides th... Channel capacity - antenna theory - channel capacity - Gaussian channels - Gaussian distribution - Gaussian noise - channel capacity - Maxwellian viewpoint - noise statistics - Gaussian distribution - antenna analysis - wireless communication

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In the feature article ldquoA look at the concept of channel capacity from a maxwellian viewpointrdquo by Sarkar et al. [1], the authors compare Shannon with Hartley-Nyquist-Tuller, but say that they are unsure (when the two formulas give different n

The objective of this paper is to outline the various principles of electrical engineering and how they impact the current practices of mobile communication. Various examples are presented to illustrate that the current practices in mobile communicat

In this paper, we present a new theoretical discovery that the multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) capacity can be influenced by atmosphere molecules. In more detail, some common atmosphere molecules, such as Oxygen and water, can absorb and re

The Editor-in-Cheif is pleased to present this July-August issue, which brings you a combination of articles that cover a rich set of academic and industrial work addressing state-of-the-art issues of design, verification, and test of different IC-ba

Extensions and improvements in the field of design automation by means of improved descriptive languages and programming are considered. The language is particularly important for the early, system design, phase of a development. Programming improvem

We describe a new algorithm based on Grobner bases of modules for solving for the pair (a, b) the multivariable polynomial congruence as = b mod I where I is an ideal in k[x/sub 1/, ... ,x/sub n/] and s is given. The restriction to one variable gives

This paper analyzes the effectiveness of the activities of Junior Companies (JCs) at the College of Technological Science - CCT at the Santa Catarina State University (UDESC) as projects that give students real-world experience with the goal of descr

Industry's evaluation of the responsibilities and contributions of education and some suggestions for its reconversion to a peacetime status are discussed in this article. It was written in response to a number of requests addressed to the authors by

The author suggests that more understanding of the characteristics of a cell's impedance may lead to improved accuracy or suggest measurement techniques best suited for evaluating capacity by impedance measurements. He describes some measurements mad

In this paper, we describe a new way to estimate the bounds on the performance metrics of small antennas that embellish the Chu-Harrington limit commonly used for the same purpose. The underlying concept is base on the use of dipole moment representa

The perfectly matched layer (PML) concept has been introduced recently by Berenger (1994) with the objective of developing an absorbing boundary condition for the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method. In its original formulation, the PML appro

SIMON is a lightweight block cipher, specially designed for resource constrained devices that was recently presented by the National Security Agency (NSA). This paper deals with a hardware implementation of this algorithm from a side-channel point of

It is difficult to pinpoint the invention of the mixer. Although the superheterodyne receiver was invented by Edwin Howard Armstrong around 1918, the use of heterodyne techniques began much earlier, and a crude modulator, arguably a sort of mixer, ex

The necessary and sufficient condition of the channel capacity is rigorously formulated for the N -user discrete memoryless multiple-access channel (MAC). The essence is to invoke an elementary MAC where sizes of input alphabets are not greater than

SRS (Speech Research System), Hertz's interactive synthesis rule development system [1], has been used recently to develop a set of phoneme-based rules for Japanese. This paper describes these rules, showing how they transform text through successive

The history of ISDN (integrated services digital network) concepts is outlined, and the evolution of the accompanying terminology is traced. The question of what service integration means is addressed. Continuous service enhancement is discussed from