Purification of Plant Translation Factors for Reconstitution of Protein Synthesis

The extract from washed wheat embryos provides a powerful and versatile method for cell-free protein synthesis based on the accumulated DNA sequence i... Purification - Control system synthesis - Data mining - Embryo - Materials science and technology - Protein engineering - Synthetic biology - Fractionation - Protocols - Milling machines - chemical reactions - DNA - genetics - proteins - plant translation factors - washed wheat embryos - cell-free protein synthesis - DNA sequence information - translation reaction - eukaryotic protein synthesis - eukaryotic elongation factors

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We are making efforts to construct a reconstituted cell-free protein synthesis system with the components from wheat. We report here on our progress in purification of some factors expected to be needed for reconstitution of efficient translation ini

Due to the current worldwide energy and economic crisis, all possible options of reducing the energy consumption are explored. This drives chemical processing plant as one of the energy-intensive consumers to strive for energy efficiency projects suc

An in vitro translation system, based on cell components of the hyperthermophilic archaeon, Thermococcus kodakaraensis, has previously been developed. The system has been optimized and applied for protein production at high temperatures (60-65°C). In

The coding region of the protein phosphatase 2C gene (ZmPP2C2) from Zea mays (maize) was sub-cloned into expression vector, pET30a-c(+), and introduced into E. coli BL21 (DE3) for expression. SDS-PAGE analysis indicated ZmPP2C2 was great expressed at

The growing design-productivity gap has made designers shift toward using high-level synthesis (HLS) techniques to generate register transfer level design from high-level languages like C/C++. Unfortunately, this translation process is very complex a

The growing complexity of systems and their implementation into silicon encourages designers to look for ways to model designs at higher levels of abstraction and then incrementally build portions of these designs - automatically or manually - from t

In this paper we are presenting a low cost, locally developed customized monitoring and controlling system for a water purification plant. This system can facilitate monitoring and controlling of the entire plant from a single location. Apart from th

Multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) have been synthesized by catalytic chemical vapor deposition of acetylene over Fe loaded mesoporous silica. The raw product contains the aerogel support, catalyst particles, and a small amount of amorphous carbon (

Solid phase extraction was incorporated into an electrowetting-on-dielectric chip for radiochemical purification of a positron emission tomography tracer that was radiolabeled on the same chip. The radiotracer droplet was mixed with alumina particles

A microfluidic array device has been developed for simultaneous production of multiple proteins in cell-free media. The device is fabricated from poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA). Since biological synthesis of a protein can be inhibited by a toxin, a

Higher adhesion to mucus and subsequent growth is associated with the pathogenicity of Vibrio. Vibrio fluvialis adherence to and growth in skin mucus of Paralichthys olivaceus were examined, and a adhesion-specific protein was purified from the skin

This work presents a strategy that realizes efficient incorporation of membrane proteins in liposomes into a planar bilayer lipid membrane by using dielectrophoretic (DEP) force. The device consists of a chamber and a channel separated by a ¿m-sized

Human evaluation of translation involves many aspects. In this paper we try to make some quantitative analyses on factors influencing translation scores generated by human. We focus on some linguistic features especially some translation error types

The CpxA/R signal transduction system is one prevalent two-component systems (TCSs) in gram-negative bacteria involved in the process of bacterial adherence, invasion, motility and cell division. CpxP is the auxiliary inhibitor of Cpx-two-component s

The research is about the two kinds of nutritious yoghurt, which are made from soybean and plant protein powder as resource of plant protein, with milk, sugar and stabilizer as main raw materials, meanwhile with Bifidobacteria adolescentic, Lactobaci

Discovering the relationship between protein sequence pattern and protein secondary structure is important for accurately predicting secondary structure of protein sequence. A protein secondary structure pattern dictionary is constructed using protei

Systematic identification of protein complexes from protein-protein interaction networks (PPIs) is an important application of data mining in life science. Over the past decades, various new clustering techniques have been developed based on modellin

Presents a tool, based on the mathematical group theory, for the synthesis of new parallel structure robots. By the kinematic principle of displacement subgroups intersection a family of 3 degrees of freedom robots for pure spatial translation moveme

In asynchronous circuit synthesis, the direct translation method, whereby circuits are derived from Petri net (PN) specifications directly, has not evolved any automatic tools. This paper describes a design method based on direct translation techniqu

This paper proposes a mathematical formulation for the process of protein synthesis. The goal is to mathematically describe and interpret the genetic information flow from DNA to RNA, and to protein molecules. Matrix theory is extensively utilized to

Alginate, as a natural polymer, has been widely used in fields of medical delivery and tissue engineering. However, the commercial alginate contains a large number of impurities to be responsible for side effects on humans. So purification is crucial

In a water purification plant a precise prediction of hourly water consumption is needed for supplying water stably to consumers and to operate the plant efficiently. Hourly water consumption is regarded as time series data with a period of 24 hours.

Recently, plant factory has been establishing and takes off in world wide countries. In the plant factory, the growing environment can be controlled and the crop can also be controlled. The products are growing in an enclosed environment, therefore a