Optimization: Theory and practice

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Author:  D. Winfield

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The conversation between theory and practice is more subtle than it appears at first glance. The Web extra at http://youtu.be/pd20DQJH36o is a video in which author David Alan Grier expands on his Errant Hashtag column, discussing the interplay betwe

Up until about 60 years ago, there were only three basic theories under which to sue for a personal injury stemming from a product or service sold by the defendant: negligence, res ipsa loquitor and deceit.

Background subtraction is a widely used concept for detection of moving objects in videos. In the last two decades there has been a lot of development in designing algorithms for background subtraction, as well as wide use of these algorithms in vari

Digital testing is an emerging interdisciplinary branch of engineering. A solid foundation in the field requires good knowledge of calculus and discrete mathematics, and an awareness of the practical considerations encountered in actual testing of th

The author addresses the question of knowledge transfer between industry and academy in the area of integrated-circuit (IC) testing. He first examines the movement of theory from academia to industrial practice, finding two problems: designers are ev

The author attempts to highlight the impact that the maintenance function may have on production effectiveness. It is his contention that it may be wise to view the production function as embracing the maintenance function. This integration should le

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The article illustrates an example of a close cooperation between the academic environment and businesses at regional level. Apart from a number of different activities, the cooperation is enhanced through one event that is annually held at the Facul

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Cloud computing can provide services via the network to a wide range of customers, who, in many cases, are even unaware that they use clouds. Cloud computing combines many current technologies with each other or even combines them with new ones to ac

The paper surveys the theory and practical applications of the log-periodic aerial. The inherent frequency-independent characteristic is its basic feature, and this is obtained by developing a configuration which is defined by angles rather than by l

OUTSTANDING economies can be effected by metering high voltage loads on the low voltage side of the power transformers. A compensating meter in combination with a watthour meter, both connected to instrument transformers on the low voltage side, prov

Parameterized unit testing, recent advances in unit testing, is a new methodology extending the previous industry practice based on traditional unit tests without parameters. A parameterized unit test (PUT) is simply a test method that takes paramete