Exploring Energy Certificates of Buildings through Unsupervised Data Mining Techniques

Energy Certificates of Buildings (ECB) provide interesting information on the standard energy performance, thermo-physical and geometrical related pro... Buildings - Space heating - Data mining - Correlation - Water heating - Itemsets - Clustering algorithms - Data exploration - machine learning algorithms - high dimensional data

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In the last years many buildings got the label “energy efficient” through different requirement systems. The advantages of the energy-efficient building are the decreasing energy consumption and operation costs, the usage of green energy solutions an

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To study the spectral data of Danzhong in patients with hepatocellular jaundice, which was detected by optical spectrum colorimetry, and analyze the differences of colorimetric between Yin disease and Yang disease jaundice by data mining.

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Dealing with the energy and different needs in structures effectively and perceptively can have extensive advantages. A building energy management system (BEMS) is a modern technique to screen and control the building's energy needs. By energy admini

In this paper, we propose a Non-negative Mixture of Experts (NME) model for smart buildings that is capable of making accurate power forecasting by recognizing characteristic consumption patterns. The model uses prediction error as a metric to guide

The presence of a large number of spectral bands in the hyperspectral images increases the capability to distinguish between various physical structures. However, they suffer from the high dimensionality of the data. Hence, the processing of hyperspe

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Visual data mining can help in dealing with the flood of information. The advantage of visual data exploration is that the user is directly involved in the data mining process, through analysis the results of the information visualization, user can i

This paper describes our current research with RAGA (Rule Acquisition with a Genetic Algorithm). RAGA is a genetic algorithm and genetic programming hybrid that is designed for the tasks of supervised and certain types of unsupervised data mining. Si

Clustering is a technique in which a given data set is divided into groups called clusters in such a manner that the data points that are similar lie together in one cluster. Clustering plays an important role in the field of data mining due to the l