Cell Analysis System Using Two-fingered Micro Hand -Fine adjustment mechanism for end-effector-

A two-fingered micro hand has been developed for years and it allows dexterous manipulation of a single cell: grabbing, positioning, rotation and rele... Glass - Needles - Mechanical factors - Piezoelectric devices - Human factors - Mechanical variables measurement - Biotechnology - Atomic force microscopy - Shape - Technological innovation - biotechnology - dexterous manipulators - end effectors - micromanipulators - cell analysis system - two-fingered microhand - fine adjustment mechanism - end-effector - dexterous manipulation - microhand mechanism - piezoelectric devices - piezoelectric device - Micro-manipulation - Two-fingered micro hand - Adjusting mechanism

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A dexterous micro manipulation system is developed for the application in assembling micro machine, manipulating cell, and micro surgery. We have proposed a concept of a two-finger micro hand, and designed and built two types of hand modules based on

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In the field of life science which includes, for example tissue engineering and cloning, the manipulation and analysis of cells is important. However, manipulating micro objects by hand without the help of equipment is a difficult task. We developed

A two-fingered micro hand has been available for use for years and allows dexterous manipulation of a single cell: grabbing, positioning, rotating and releasing. The end-effector of this micro hand consists of two glass needles; however, the glass ti

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Substantial progresses have been made in building versatile anthropomorphic prosthetic hands in the past two decades using emerging technologies. However the trade-offs between functionality, reliability, affordability, appearance, etc. have not been

The times of Big Data promotes increasingly higher demands for fine-motion analysis, such as hand activity recognition. However, in real-world scenarios, hand activity recognition suffers huge challenges with variations of illumination, poses and occ