A new approach for determination of the communication buses architecture based on IEC 6180 in substation automation system

One of the important issues in a substation automation system is performance of the communication buses consist of station bus and process bus. The st... Substations - Substation automation - Communication networks - Indexes - Standards - Synthetic aperture sonar - Power transformers - substation automation - system buses - telecommunication network reliability - telecommunication security - communication buses architecture - IEC 6180 - substation automation - station bus - process bus - bay level devices - communication network reliability - station level devices - communication network security - Substation automation system - Communication network - Station bus - Process bus

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This paper investigates various Ethernet LAN architectures for substation automation system applications with protection, control, monitoring data flows and their performance requirement. The paper discusses conceptual architecture designs and relate

In the past decade, new communication schemes have been designed and retrofitted into substations by utilities to integrate data from relays and intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). The idea of standardising the language of communication between IE

The application of IEC 61850 brings significant changes to the instrumentation, monitoring, communication, control and protection systems used in the substation automation system (SAS). Compared with the conventional substation system, the implementa

To develop large-scale electricity industry continuously, Power systems are requested to be high confidence. And digital & automation-based technology is needed over the length and breadth of power system management. As a result of this, IEC 61850, w

Substation has a critical role in power network because it is a subsidiary station of an electricity generation, transmission and distribution system where voltage is transformed from high to low or the reverse with power transformers. All devices in

IEC 61850 is becoming the leading international standard for electrical Substation Automation Systems (SAS) around the world. Engineers with relevant knowledge and skills are in demand in utilities and electrical manufacturing industry. This paper pr

Digital Communications amongst multi-vendor intelligent electronic devices (IED's) is an important feature of a substation automation system (SAS). Measuring the propagation delays and assessing the interoperability performance of IED's in an Etherne

Substation automation systems (SAS) consist of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and the communication networks between them, for implementing control, protection and monitoring tasks in power system. Rectitude of this system depends on integrity

Due to the lack of standard information model and description, the configuration of the communication network is still out of the unified and standard engineering process of substation automation, which may result in incorrect configuration and long

In Substation Automation System(SAS), communication network plays a critical role in the real time operation of the substation. IEC 61850 is a communication standard for SAS for the data transmission within and between station level, bay level and pr

Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) and High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) have been introduced to address the need for reliable industrial communications and are standardized and specified in IEC 62439-3. While they both address different ne

The research on a new RTU is introduced in this paper. The new RTU is based on LonWorks LAN technique. It can be used in the integrated automation substation system. The authors analyse the limitation of the traditional RTU used in the integrated aut

This article outlines several structure models of the substation automation system, and does a brief summary and comparison. Next, it introduces the new concept of comprehensive automation of electric power system - e-automation, in detail analyzes i

Both IEC 61850 and IEC 61970 define the access mechanism to the substation electric utility's data and data architecture. But they use a different approach in the access mechanism. IEC 61850 is defined from the internal communication standpoint where

This paper introduces the application of digital signal processor (DSP) at substation integrated automation system. Using the powerful digital signal processing capability of DSP, high-speed multi-channel data acquisition function, and excellent data

Substation Automation Systems (SASs) are widely used for the purpose of control, protection, monitoring, communication etc. in substations to improve the reliability of power systems. SASs adopting IT based solutions, such as Ethernet LAN, have recen

System Integrity Protection Schemes are being widely used to ensure the secure operation of power networks operating close to their limits. This is achieved by providing system operators with fast corrective actions. The use of digital signal process

Substation Automation Systems (SAS) offer powerful, fast, and viable ways to design, automate, and implement substation protection, control, and monitoring functions in modern transmission and distribution grids. Today's SAS - ore than ever - rely on

With the prevalence of IEC 61850 protocol, Substation Automation System migrates to implement data acquisition with Electronic Instrument Transformer (EIT) and transmit measurement via Ethernet. Mal-function of EIT, cybernetic attack, as well as unsp

There is a need for fool proof architecture of the substation communication network (SCN) for reliable, fast and deterministic operation of the automation functions within a substation, to ensure the reliability, availability and survivability of the

The implementation of the substation automation system of the 69 kV S/S Azogues 2 was conceived as a multi-vendor IEC 61850 solution using equipment from different manufacturers. Unexpectedly, the integration that should have been relatively easy bec

Combined with practical work, this paper introduces substation system architecture based on IEC 61850 and application scheme of virtual server used in IE 61850 system; The key technologies such as IEC 61850 conformance testing, technical characterist

The role that a Smart Substation Automation System (SSAS) plays as a bridge between a power system and the Smart Grid (SG) is very important for the stable application of a SG in the field. A variety of SG functions affect the power system, and as th

Flexible intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) are highly desirable to support free allocation of function to IED by means of software reconfiguration without any change of hardware. The application of generic hardware platforms and component-based s